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ACH Online Payment Method

Using the ACH network to make payments to an online casino is very safe and extremely convenient. The ability to move funds directly from a bank account into a casino account gives the player unsurpassed control over their money.

Reasons to Choose ACH

There are many reasons why a casino-goer may select to use ACH to process casino deposits as opposed to other methods such as credit cards and e-wallets. First, ACH transactions are handled in part by the United States government; this makes them incredibly secure and puts the minds of the players at ease. Second, ACH payments are handled by a third party such as Citadel, Instadebit and UseMyBank; this provides an extra layer of security. Finally, ACH transfers allow players to only deposit the money they want to spend instead of maintaining a constant link with their casino accounts.

ACH Disadvantages

Like any other payment method, there are certain disadvantages that come along with using the ACH network. Most casinos and third-party processing companies require a minimum deposit amount; this reduces the workload for those responsible for the transactions. On the other hand, many financial institutions impose a deposit maximum in order to prevent fraud and theft. Players who usually make deposits well within this range are great candidates for ACH transactions. The final disadvantage of using the ACH network to fund a casino account is the length of time it takes to process transactions usually between two and five business days.

The ACH network has certainly provided the general public with an easy way to transfer funds from their checking accounts to their favorite merchants. Even casino-goers rave about the simplicity and security that only ACH transfers can provide.